The initial excitement has died down and you’re thinking…now what? How does one start planning a wedding?! It might feel overwhelming but the good news is you don’t have to do everything all at once…but you do need to eventually begin the process! To help get you started, here are 6 items to get the ball rolling.

5 Steps After You Get Engaged | San Diego & Southern Minnesota Wedding Photographer, Joelle Julian Photography

1) Select A Potential Timeline. Think of a range of dates or a season you’d like to get married. It’s tempting to just pick a date but you have to find a venue that works within your timeline first. Do you imagine a summer wedding or maybe a fall wedding? Do you need to plan around someone’s work schedule? Take these factors into account and narrow down a potential timeline for the wedding date.

2) Set a Budget. This one is not quite as fun but REALLY helpful! You’ll find that many of your potential vendors will ask you what your budget is and it’s extremely helpful to have a number in mind for them. It helps them help you!

3) Draft a Guest List. Wait what? Already? YES. Your guest list will help determine your venue. If you are imagining a particular venue that accommodates 100 guests but you find your guest list is closer to 175, you’ll need to either reconsider your venue or trim down your list.

4) Find a Venue. Now that you have a few potential dates in mind, you have an idea of your budget and how many guests will be in attendance, you can begin the hunt for a venue! Don’t try on a single dress or start scrolling through bouquet photos until you’ve selected a venue! Your venue sets the entire tone for the wedding! Locking in your venue makes your date official and you can start booking other vendors. Finding a venue was my FAVORITE part of planning my wedding. Once we had it booked I could start imagining everything and it made it so REAL!

5) Hire Must Have Vendors. If there are certain vendors that you’ve always dreamed of for your wedding, ohhhh I don’t know, like a photographer, reach out to them ASAP. Top vendors book far in advance so don’t wait!

6) Consider a Wedding Coordinator. I started typing “if you’re a busy couple or have big dreams for your wedding you should consider a wedding coordinator.” HOWEVER, I take that back. Everyone is busy and everyone wants their day to be as seamless as possible. There aren’t certain types of couples that “qualify” for a coordinator. Whether it’s day of coordination or full service, it’s worth considering!

The list of course goes on but these 6 will help get you started! If you’re reading this and you’re engaged, I’m SO excited for you! I truly hope you enjoy planning your wedding! I know it can be stressful at times but always remember the TRUE reason for your wedding day…to be married. Marriage is an incredible blessing and I can’t wait for you experience it!


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